by The Cellar Door

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Flightlessness will be available to purchase on Tuesday, May 28th at 10am. Thanks for listening early :)

"Flightlessness" calls attention to attention itself. The songs think about where we place our thoughts and to whom we give our devotion; the music wonders if our attention may actually come to create and sustain the self.


released May 28, 2013

Produced by Mark Isakson and Jonas G.
Engineered and Mixed by Jonas G.
Mastered by Martin Feveyear
Jupiter Studios, Fremont WA

Additional tracking:
Andrew D.B. Joslyn — Violin
Mark Isakson — Dream Sounds



all rights reserved


The Cellar Door Seattle, Washington

An indie band out of Seattle, WA, The Cellar Door has a driven pop sound with an earthy vocal core, and they long to sing about fantastic things.

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Track Name: Flightlessness
O flightlessness
O flightlessness
I fell into...

See my sky machine, made of balsa frames
And glass, with wings of silk and subtle strings
That tie the pieces all together.

And in the sails like imaginary winds
And gales are all of our successed and failed
Ideas and inspirations.

I let go of my father's hand
And I flew to land on the sun.
But before my feet touched the swelling heat
I had lost my wings, one by one.

O flightlessness
O flightlessness
I fell into death's window.
Track Name: Residence of Rome
I am two people and two people too many to be at ease...ease.
Track Name: Clockwork Heart
Inventing time stretched over the rim of a drum — o the silver rim.
Inventing light as silk for the sheets on the bed that we're sleeping in.

Inventing hues as words dripping onto your shoes.
Inventing spies as a choir in the back of your eyes.

And with a clockwork heart...

Inventing other kinds of love so I can feel a bit older.
Track Name: Silent Avenue
Never taught my body how to fear,
And fought for years what only I could hear.
The things I heard—I don't deserve the things I heard.

Manifest in only child mind
And best escape was climbing out of time—
Blink away another day.

Every blink connects me twice upon
The top of time, my once and future gone.
Touch the glass and come to pass.

There's the child with windows to the night
The mind creates a fear in every sight—
Draw the blinds of every kind.

Lift up your heads, you gates.
Be lifted up, lift up you ancient doors,
That the king of glory may come in glory.

Pull the covers more over my head—
Cool covers keeping me holy.
Lift up your voice to some silent avenue.
Wait for the glow, for the glow.
Track Name: Star Song
Orion on a hill, forgetting how to kill,
His bow is by his side, his arms are open wide.

Creation at his feet, the sky is so complete,
A twinkle for an eye, he's sighing better sigh.

He's sighing better sigh.

Where did you come from?
You didn't have to be that way.
I listen to your song,
And all around the world you say, "the glory!"

And me a mighty man, so reaching with my hand,
I lie awake at night, forgetting how to fight.

When readily above, are little lights of love,
That whisper that employ, the sound of absent noise.

The sound of absent noise.

Look those little lights, becoming older than
The sun is drumming down;
The age is on the verge of everything.

The Lord is my light, and my salvation,
Whom then shall I fear?
The Lord is the comfort of my life,
Of whom then shall I be afraid?
Shall I be afraid?